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The A1 Bike Test - 17 years +

From 19th January 2016 the A1 Motorcycle test is for any 17 & 18 year olds looking to lose the 'L' plates, take pillions and ride on motorways.
You must pass Module 1 & 2 on a 125cc machine and stay on anything up to 125cc for 2 years. Then after the qualifying period (19 or 20
) you may take the A2 riding test on a bike of 395cc & 33bhp - 46.6 bhp.We use restricted 500cc motorcycles, however once passed you can ride any restricted bike as long as it is restricted by no more than half its original output stated by the manufacturer, so it must be of 93bhp or less.

At 24 (or 2 years after passing A2) you take another riding test on an unrestricted bike of 595cc or more with at least 57bhp to gain access to any size bike with any bhp.

All courses include CBT, Theory Test and both Modules of the practical test. If your CBT or Theory test is already complete we will of course deduct that from our course fee


Phone: Thanet 01843 596960 / 07891 780407

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